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Migraine & DNA

So much is determined by your DNA

Your DNA contains the building plan for your brain and body and how they work. Some parts of the DNA (genes) determine how likely you are to experience migraine and how you may respond to certain medications.
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People’s DNA and experiences of
migraine are different

Different people have different variants of the same genes.
Some of those variants will lead to a higher risk of
developing migraine and determine the type of migraine.

DNA determines how you respond to treatment

Because every person’s genetic makeup is unique, every migraine experience is unique. And so is the response to treatment. A medication that may work well for someone else may not work for you at all - or even cause serious side effects.
An image of how DNA determines how a person responds to DNA-guided treatment from mable.
An image where DNA-guided migraine treatment from Mable is being made.

Get individualized treatment for migraine

Mable uses your DNA to help find the right preventative medication for you to help prevent migraine in the first place. In combination with an in depth-consultation questionnaire we create an individualized treatment plan for prevention and acute medication.

Mable’s approach to
individualizing migraine treatment

Whole-genome sequencing

Our proprietary approach uses the latest advances in whole-genome sequencing. This means that the entire genome is scanned - not only once, but twice, for increased accuracy.

Scientifically validated

Mable's approach is clinically tested with 700 patients in partnership with Illumina, the global leader in genomic sequencing.

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Whole-genome sequencing

Mable's Medical Board includes world-renowned migraine experts from Harvard and University of California San Francisco.

Mable's Medical Board includes world-renowned migraine specialists

Peter Goadsby
Peter Goadsby
President American Headache Society (2021)
University of California Los Angeles
Brain Prize Winner (2021)
Carolyn Bernstein
Carolyn Bernstein
Harvard Medical School
Author of The Migraine Brain
Morris Levin
Morris Levin
Director of University of California San Francisco Headache Center
Author of Understanding Your Migraines
Olivia Begasse De Dhaem
Olivia Begasse De Dhaem
Neurologist, Headache Medicine
Executive Editor for the Pain Medicine Journal