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Physicians on Mable leverage migraine health-data from thousands of people like you that have already found the right treatment. Get matched and get treatment that works for you.

How Mable works


Complete your consultation

Tell us about your migraines and we match you up with treatment data insights from thousands of people like you. Your doctor creates your personalized treatment plan accordingly.
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We deliver your treatment

Approve your treatment plan and get your recommended treatment delivered to your door.

Keep getting better

Get personalized treatment instructions, regular follow-ups and access to your doctor and nurse team. We notify you and your doctor very time treatment options that may be a better fit for you emerge. Treatment changes included.

Add Precision Care

Increase the precision of your prescription with our migraine treatment test. Mable analyses your DNA for 350+ unique factors that impact how your body responds to different treatments.

Learn more about the Mable migraine treatment test.

We recommend Mable to people who have tried less than 4 preventative migraine treatments and have not been prescribed CGRP inhibitors before.

Precision care using Mable’s DNA test is built specifically for people who are interested in preventative treatments in addition to acute medication.

If your dedicated doctor decides upon the first review of your information that Mable is not a good fit for you, you’ll get a 100% refund.
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Take Mable’s DNA Test

Our DNA test is a fast, easy, and painless cheek swab that you can take at home. Mapping your DNA helps us identify which preventative migraine treatments will be best suited for you.
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Complete our online medical assessment

This short consultation will help us better understand your migraine and medical history.
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Receive a personalized plan

Your doctor will create the treatment plan suiting you best using the latest advances in genomic and clinical research. Treatment plans include acute, preventative and anti-nausea medications as well as supplements.
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Get treatments delivered to your door

Mable delivers treatments to your door every three months in time before you run out of supply.
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Keep getting better

Get regular medical follow-ups, access to your doctor within hours and continuous improvements to your treatment plan.
100% data privacy
We do not sell your data. We do not share your data with third parties other than for the sole purpose of analyzing, creating and fulfilling your personalized treatment plan. Samples collected through our at-home DNA test are analyzed in ISO and CLIA certified labs.
Continuous treatment improvements: after you receive your initial treatment plan, we keep screening your migraine and genetic information to match you with better treatment options once new evidence becomes available. Treatment improvements are included in your membership. You and your doctor will be notified. Our goal is to ensure that you always receive the best migraine care possible.

After you accept your treatment plan (you'll be notified via email), we ship a 90-day supply of your medication direct to your door. Payments are billed every 30 days after initial order. Memberships auto-renew every three months. Easy cancellation.

100% refund guarantee if no treatment recommendation can be issued or you are not happy with Mable.
Scientific rigor.
To ensure the scientific rigor of our testing process, we only use scientifically backed pharmacogenetic markers published by the FDA and the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC). We regularly update our testing menu, once new solid scientific evidence becomes available.
Preventative medications.
In headache specialist clinics, most preventative migraine medications are prescribed "off-label". For instance, certain beta-blockers or antidepressants are routinely used to treat migraines. These medications have well documented pharmacogenetic associations and Mable enables physicians to leverage these to guide treatment based on DNA.
Covered by DNA-test
Anti-nausea medications.
These help reduce nausea accompanying a migraine attack.
Covered by DNA-test
Acute medications.
These are taken at the onset of a migraine attack to stop or reduce the pain. There are some painkillers that are highly specific for migraines. These include many different triptans such as Zolmitriptan, Almotriptan, Rizatriptan, Frovatriptan and Naratriptan. For this group of medications, there are no known genetic markers available to date. Fortunately, the choice of acute treatment can be informed by your specific migraine symptoms and medical history.
CGRP inhibitors (monoclonal antibodies).
CGRP (Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide) inhibitors are a new class of medications to prevent and treat acute migraine pain. To date, there are no well established genetic markers to help predict a person's response to this group of medications. Mable and academic institutions are intensely researching this new field of migraine care and we will incorporate CGRP inhibitors into our testing process once strong scientific evidence becomes available.
Mable's test looks for 350+ SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that impact your body's response to migraine medications. This approach is called pharmacogenetic testing. Mable uses exclusively scientifically backed pharmacogenetic associations published by the FDA and the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium (CPIC).
Knowledge of a patient's genotype can be used to guide a therapeutic strategy, determining an appropriate dosage, or assessing the likelihood of benefit or toxicity. We found that 60% of people with migraine have a genetic predisposition that would warrant caution with 8 or more standard migraine medications.

Mable's platform enables physicians for the first time to contextualize this pharmacogenetic information with your unique migraine symptoms in order to create a personalized treatment plan in accordance with your unique physiology.

Mable's Treatment Plans

100% refund guarantee if Mable is not a fit for you.

HSA/FSA Eligible
Mable tests are eligible for reimbursement by most FSA and HSA plans. Since every plan is different, we advise that you check with your plan to confirm that the Mable test is eligible. Contact us at support@trymable.com to obtain an itemized receipt.
Specialized care
Most affordable expert care
  • Expert doctor diagnosis & prescription
  • HSA/FSA eligible
  • 100% online so you're always in control
  • No insurance required
  • One-time fee
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
Precision care
Most precise expert care
  • Everything in Specialized care
  • Precision treatment plan
  • DNA-testing: Examine 350+ SNPs to prevent your migraines faster
  • Scan your full genome to futureproof your migraine treatment
  • Early access to new relief breakthroughs
  • FREE priority shipping

+ Mable Care (optional)

  • Talk to your physician anytime
  • Regular clinical follow-ups
  • Continuous treatment plan improvements
  • Acute or preventative medication
    starting at $21
  • Premium access to migraine & headache tracking app
  • FREE! Fast shipping directly to your home

DNA-guided specialist care

  • Individualized treatment plan based on your DNA and your unique migraine experience.
  • Shorten the path to migraine care that actually works for you.
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    Avoid potential years of trial-and-error looking for preventative medication.
  • Eliminate time-consuming doctor visits and get continuous treatment plan improvements.
  • Regular clinical follow-ups to help you stay on track and keep getting better.
  • Track symptoms, medications and progress.
  • Including rushed shipping to your door, return labels, DNA analysis, and individualized treatment plan.

Specialist care

  • Individualized treatment plan based on your unique migraine experience.
  • Eliminate time-consuming doctor visits and get continuous treatment plan improvements.
  • Track symptoms, medications and progress.
  • Regular clinical follow-ups to help you stay on track and keep getting better.
  • Track symptoms, medications and progress.
  • Take the quiz to see whether the DNA-guided treatment plan may be a good fit for you instead!
Your medications delivered to your door and continuous access to expert care
  • Acute medication: starting at $10 per month.
  • Preventative medication: starting at $14 per month.
+ $16 Mable Care
per month