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Advice and answers from the Mable team

Why is Mable's approach faster and cheaper
than the traditional route to migraine treatment?
What happens during DNA-guided treatment step by step?
How does DNA-informed treatment work?
Who may not be a suitable candidate for the Mable treatment plan?
Does Mable sell my DNA to third parties? (No, we don’t!)
Can I get personalized Migraine Care without
the DNA-informed treatment plan?
Which conditions and medications are supported?
Can I use insurance to pay for Mable?
Membership details
How do refills work?
What states does Mable currently serve?
Should I cancel my prescriptions when I sign up for Mable?
Is Mable covered under HIPAA?
Can I use my FSA or HSA for payment?

Mable tests are eligible for reimbursement by most FSA and HSA plans. Since every plan is different, we advise that you check with your plan to confirm that the Mable test is eligible. Contact us at to obtain an itemized receipt.