Is Your Migraine Especially Challenging Today?

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Is Your Migraine Especially Challenging Today?

Living with frequent head pain can be beyond difficult. But know that you’re not alone: migraine and other types of headaches are very common symptoms, affecting a billion people around the world each year.

Yet, friends and family members can sometimes underestimate ─ or simply not understand ─ how people with migraine really feel. And even getting a proper diagnosis for your migraine, as well as the treatment you need, may require a large amount of your time and effort.

In the meantime, the impact on your quality of life ─ your family dynamics, sleep, work life, mental health, financial stability, social life ─ can be profound and exhausting. It’s perfectly normal to feel hopeless, isolated, or alone in your migraine journey.

But never forget: you’re strong, resilient, and valued. We see and hear you…understand you…and are here for you. 

Get the Help You Deserve

If you’re in crisis, struggling with ongoing despair, or even having a particularly distressing day, crisis counselors are available to help, 24/7. Whether you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts, substance overuse, a mental health crisis, or another sort of emotional distress, these resources are ready and able to assist, around the clock:

Or please reach out to the Mable Support Center, and we will help you find guidance. We’re here for you at +1 (855) 953-4316 or by contacting

Never forget: you’re strong, resilient, and valued. We see and hear you…understand you…and are here for you. 

When a Loved One Struggles with Migraine

Take time to listen.

A person living with chronic pain can be lonely, even amid friends and family. Your loved one with migraine might feel as if they’re a burden. They may refrain from talking about their condition and or avoid showing their feelings about it. You can help by offering a safe, open space for them to express their thoughts, as well as compassion and support, free of judgment. Sometimes, a heart-to-heart conversation, friendly face, or simple hug are powerful enough to help someone in chronic pain get through a dark day. 

Look for warning signs. 

Keep a watchful eye for days when your friend or family member is having a difficult time or note if they’ve begun to isolate themself from social and professional life. Ask them about any unusual shifts in attitude or growing empathy with things they once enjoyed, possibly signaling something deeper going on. 

Help them find resources to manage their migraines and communicate how they feel about them.

Your friend or family member may not want to ask for support, from you or from others. Encourage them to do so. Overworking can add to stress ─ suggest that your loved one deserves an occasional mental health day, to recharge and refresh. Help them find dependable resources and supportive groups and communities that let them express their feelings about coping with migraine. Lend a hand in locating medical assistance that can potentially help them live their best life. And if someone you know is seriously struggling, or you fear they may harm themselves, be proactive by reaching out directly to the helplines above.

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October 6, 2022
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