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Migraine Care from Mable at Miles for Migraine Events

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Migraine Care from Mable at Miles for Migraine Events

Everyone’s experience with migraine is unique and different. And, for each person, it’s often a matter of trial-and-error to find just the right medication to treat it. If you get migraines, you might spend weeks, months, even years of ongoing pain ─ and an average of $4,000 on doctor visits ─ seeking a treatment that actually works.

Why such a tedious process? Because, while over 25 medications are regularly prescribed for migraines, many of them may not work for you. The reason? Genetics! As many as half of these drugs may be incompatible with your DNA ─ and, besides being ineffective for you, they might even cause negative side effects.

At Mable, we’ve found that a powerful, innovative way to treat migraine is through individualized, DNA-guided care. We use an individual’s DNA to customize a preventive and acute plan for them, then deliver appropriate medication straight to their door, with ongoing expert care in the comfort of their home. This service is available in 41 states, with more to come.

Mable is excited to participate at the Miles for Migraine 2 Mile Walk/5K Run/Relax/Virtual events on October 1 in Philadelphia and October 29 in San Francisco. We’re passionate about individualized treatment of migraine, and we’d love to hear your story. Stop by the Mable booth for an exclusive discount on Mable services!


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September 23, 2022
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Map your DNA to help prevent your migraines.

You'll receive a Mable DNA kit to send us a DNA sample easily. Once we receive your sample, we'll use the latest advances in genomic and neuroscientific research to help shorten the path to the migraine treatment that actually works for you.