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Introducing Mable. Revolutionizing Migraine Care, through the Power of DNA.

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Introducing Mable. Revolutionizing Migraine Care, through the Power of DNA.
By Roman Rothaermel, Co-Founder & CEO, Mable

More than a billion people across the globe, including 40 million Americans, experience the pain and discomfort of migraine. It’s the world’s most common neurological disease. Yet, sadly, many people with migraine are misdiagnosed…or even undiagnosed. 

Also alarming, fewer than 700 specialists worldwide are qualified to diagnose and treat this debilitating condition. And even when diagnosed, migraine manifests uniquely in each person affected. It’s often a matter of trial-and-error for the individual to find the right medication for their condition. That person might spend weeks, months, even years of ongoing pain ─ and an average of $4,000 on doctor visits ─ looking for a treatment that actually works.

My father is a perfect example. A neurologist who spent his career in medicine, he himself suffers from chronic migraines that he was never able to conquer, despite trying a variety of different medications.

For those with migraines, why is this such a tedious process? Over 25 medications are regularly prescribed for migraines ─ but the main reason why many of them don’t work is, simply, genetics.

Our research shows that, for 60% of migraine patients, 10 or more standardly prescribed drugs may be incompatible with their DNA. So, these drugs are not just ineffective for them but can potentially cause negative side effects as well. 

Our commitment to the study of migraine

When my co-founders and I worked toward our PhDs at Oxford University, we developed a deep interest in the link between genetics and migraines. With each of us concentrated in different but complementary specialties, we were continually compelled to research and explore the world of migraine, even in our free time.

We recognized that most migraine treatment plans today fail to consider the crucial role of genetics. We concluded that individualized, DNA-guided care was the smart approach to a powerful new alternative for the underserved migraine community.

After dedicating the next three years to research and development in this area, we are proud to announce the result: Mable. 

Mable: the first telehealth clinic offering DNA-guided migraine treatment

Patent-pending Mable is the first genomics-powered telehealth clinic focused specifically on migraine care. Mable uses an individual’s DNA to create preventive and acute plans customized to that person’s unique needs. With the right plan in place, Mable then delivers appropriate medication straight to their door and offers them ongoing expert care in the comfort of their home. 

In a clinical validation study that we conducted in Cambridge, UK, people receiving Mable-informed treatment reported 80% higher effectiveness and significantly fewer side effects than people using other medications.

In the past few months, we welcomed over 5000 people to our waitlist ─ with over 1500 from the last two weeks alone! In the last month, we opened the doors to our service for the first few waitlist members, and we’re well on our way to our goal of making testing available in 41 states by the end of Fall 2022.

To help make Mable more accessible to millions of people, we received pre-seed funding from Y Combinator and Illumina. Our seed round was led by Initialized Capital and supported by First In Ventures, Arkitekt Ventures, and Inaki Berenguer leading to a total funding amount of $3.2 million.

"The future of healthcare lies at the intersection of modern technology and personalized patient experiences," says Parul Singh, Partner at Initialized Capital. "This application of pharmacogenetics will change the lives of the millions of people who suffer from migraines, while creating a blueprint for future innovation in other areas of healthcare."

Interested in Mable’s mission?

At Mable, we’re passionate about the power of DNA to treat migraine. It’s the beginning of a powerful journey toward relieving millions worldwide of this debilitating neurological disease.

We’d love to tell you more. Contact us at corporate@trymable.com.

Questions about Mable? Visit our Help Center.


Contact us at corporate@trymable.com

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October 5, 2022
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Map your DNA to help prevent your migraines.

You'll receive a Mable DNA kit to send us a DNA sample easily. Once we receive your sample, we'll use the latest advances in genomic and neuroscientific research to help shorten the path to the migraine treatment that actually works for you.