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The Secret to Migraine Relief is in your DNA.

Finding the right migraine medication using traditional methods can take years of trial and error. Mable is a breakthrough approach: we analyze your genes so our doctors can prescribe medications that will actually work, based on clinical evidence tied to your unique DNA biomarkers.

Get the Care You Deserve

Personalized Treatment

We customize treatment plans based on your unique needs and DNA.

Minimize trial-and-error

Leverage your genetic and medical data to get to the right treatment, faster.

Affordable specialized care

You shouldn’t have to wait for months and spend hundreds on one single migraine specialist appointment.

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The Traditional Approach
  • Trial and error “one size fits all” medications that may not be a match for you
  • Years of wasted time trying different medications and waiting to see if they work.
  • Average of $6,000 spent on consultation fees and medications that don’t work
  • Average of 6+ months wait time to see a specialist
  • Fighting to see specialists for follow up care
Mable's Breakthrough Approach
  • Precision treatment based on your DNA
  • Find the right medication for you fast—most patients find relief with the first medication we prescribe
  • Avoid spending thousands with recurring specialist visits
  • Your personal migraine treatment analysis
  • Notifications, once new treatment options are available

Mable Knows Migraines

We’ve seen first-hand how migraines can be debilitating. Our founder & CEO, Roman Rothaermel, started Mable after watching his loved ones battle the life-altering impact of migraines. As a neuroscientist, he knew he could revolutionize how migraines are managed.

Mable's mission is to help you find migraine relief that works.

We, as Mable's founders, have migraines ourselves or have loved ones that do. We have experienced and been frustrated by the fight against migraines. Finding relief shouldn't be this hard.

Mable's Medical Board
Renowned migraine specialists

Peter Goadsby
Peter Goadsby
President American Headache Society (2021)
University of California Los Angeles
Brain Prize Winner (2021)
Carolyn Bernstein
Carolyn Bernstein
Harvard Medical School
Author of The Migraine Brain
Morris Levin
Morris Levin
Director of University of California San Francisco Headache Center
Author of Understanding Your Migraines
Olivia Begasse De Dhaem
Olivia Begasse De Dhaem
Neurologist, Headache Medicine
Executive Editor for the Pain Medicine Journal

Frequently asked questions

How Mable Works

How does Mable work with my physician?

Mable sends your results directly to your physician.
Your physician can then discuss your results and implications for your migraine treatment with you. Should your physician require any support, our medical support team is available to answer any questions (medsupport@trymable.com). We ask for your physician's details in our medical intake form, once you've signed up with Mable.

How does Mable DNA testing work?

Here’s a simple step-by-step summary of how Mable works:

1. Complete our 2-minute quiz to see if our DNA testing is a good fit for you. It’s typically an effective approach for people who:

Experience three or more migraines per month or have very severe migraines.
Are willing to take daily preventative medication to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks.
Are committed to preventing their migraines by following their Migraine Care plan.

2. Order our DNA kit. By evaluating your DNA, our doctors can accurately tailor treatments with the greatest potential to help you. Your DNA-informed treatment plan can specify the preventative treatments with the best chance to stop your migraines from happening and reduce your level of pain.

3. Use your Mable DNA kit to collect your DNA sample saliva swab in 10 seconds.

4. Place your sample swab in the shipper box included with your DNA kit, and attach the pre-paid, pre-addressed return label. Then simply place the box in your mailbox or drop it at your nearest post office or shipping center. 

5. When Mable receives your sample, we carefully map your genetic data to see how you’re likely to respond to a variety of different migraine treatment options. After we select specific treatment options based on your unique migraine history and DNA, our partner migraine care specialists use this information to create a Precision Care Plan individualized to you.

If you are satisfied with your individualized treatment plan, you may then opt to have medications delivered directly to your door. Then through our app, you can stay connected to Mable, for continuous expert care.

Can I get personalized Mable Migraine Care without the DNA test?
How is it different?

Yes, based on information you provide in our online assessment, we can certainly offer you a robust Specialized Care plan that includes both preventive and acute migraine treatment, as well as anti-nausea CGRP medications, and supplements.

But there is an important difference between our Precision Care plan (with DNA test) and our Specialized Care plan (without DNA test):

With Precision Care, your simple cheek swab gives us valuable information on which preventative and anti-nausea medication may suit you best. We test your DNA against dozens of treatments and can eliminate options upfront that may not work for you, potentially bringing you faster relief by speeding up your preventative migraine care while reducing side effects. (One note: presently, DNA testing will not help with the choice of acute medications, which is based on currently available research and FDA guidelines.)

We recommend trying the DNA testing approach via Precision Care! However, whether you decide to choose Precision Care or select Specialized Care, Mable is here to support you.

Will Mable sell my data to third parties?

No, Mable will never sell your data to third parties, and we don’t share your genetic or clinical data with insurance providers. Unlike other companies in our industry, Mable simply uses your information to individualize your treatment and further improve our ability to provide DNA-informed treatment plans.

We take your privacy seriously.
Research in this area is still very new, and Mable’s internal efforts aim to continuously advance the care we provide to you and patients like you. For research purposes, your data is treated anonymously. It is encrypted using industry-standard encryption methods and stored securely on Mable servers. We minimize any risk of your data being exposed by strictly controlling who at Mable may access sensitive customer data. Any data passed to external service providers, outside of your physician, is anonymized to remove any reference to you as an individual.

We may collaborate with accredited external parties, such as universities, hospitals, health systems, government institutions, or private companies. Collaboration only occurs for research purposes in a secure environment. No data is ever sold to third-party providers. To opt out of such research, contact Mable at support@trymable.com.

How are my genes related to medications?

Medication & Treatment

Which medications does Mable consider when creating my individualized treatment plan?
Preventative medications.
Most of these medications are taken daily in pill form to help prevent migraine. Genetic factors influence how your body may react to several key treatment options below, which are listed in the FDA pharmacogenetic table.
Covered by DNA-test
Anti-nausea medications.
These medications help reduce the nausea accompanying a migraine attack.
Covered by DNA-test
Acute medications.
These medications are taken at the onset of a migraine attack, to stop or reduce the pain. Mable considers different types of painkillers specifically developed for migraine treatment, including triptans like Almotriptan, Frovatriptan, Naratriptan, Rizatriptan, Sumatriptan, and Zolmitriptan, as well as CGRP antagonists such as Nurtec. For this group of medications, genetic markers are unknown to date, but choice of acute treatment can be informed by your specific migraine symptoms.
CGRP inhibitors (monoclonal antibodies).
CGRP inhibitors are a new class of medications aimed at preventing and treating acute migraine pain. To date, there are no well established genetic markers that help predict a person's response to CGRPs. Mable and academic institutions are intensely researching this new field of migraine care; we will incorporate CGRP inhibitors into our testing process if and when we see a strong connection to genetic markers.
How is Mable’s approach more effective than the traditional approach to migraine management?

Mabel offers streamlined migraine diagnosis and treatment with the help of world-leading experts in migraine care. We can provide a quick and effective treatment, based on the latest evidence and clinical practice and delivered right to your door.

You may typically wait as long as six months for an in-person appointment with a headache specialist. By comparison, Mable can review your case and send treatment within 24-48 hours or as soon as your DNA-informed treatment plan results are complete.

Who are my doctors?

Our partnering doctors work with Mable to leverage health-data from large-scale clinical trials and insights from thousands of patients to match you with your treatment.

You will be matched with your dedicated doctor and nurse team licensed in your area. You will receive medical follow-ups every 2-4 weeks depending on your treatment plan via email. Call your medical team or email them to receive support within 24h.

What is the relationship between Mable and my current doctor?

Mable and our partner physicians are here to take on 100% of your migraine care online. If needed, you can always share your migraine treatment plan (available on our secure portal) with any of your current doctors, should any other provider require detailed information about your current treatment.

Mable does not support any other conditions outside of migraine.

Which medications does Mable's DNA test cover?
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