Use Your DNA to Help Prevent Your Migraine

Migraine is heritable. Uncover the link between your genetics and migraine to help prevent your migraine in advance and get medication delivered directly to your door.

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Our Migraine Care Package

DNA based treatment for migraine on a computer.

DNA-Informed Treatment

We analyze your DNA's response to numerous migraine treatment plans.
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Individualized Treatment

Receive your DNA-informed treatment plan tailored to you.
Medicine and delivery refill

Medication & Delivery

Fast shipment and prescription medication refill on your schedule.
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Neurologist-Led Care

Avoid the normal 6 to 12 month wait times to see a migraine specialist.

How Mable Works

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Apply to reserve your DNA-informed migraine treatment package

You'll receive a Mable DNA kit to send us a DNA sample easily. Once we receive your sample, we'll use the latest advances in genomic and clinical research to help shorten the path to the migraine treatment that actually works for you.

Fill out a quick form online and get a personalized migraine plan.


Complete an online assessment about your migraine

Take 10 minutes to fill in some basic information about your unique migraine experience. Together with the DNA results, this will help doctors on our platform understand your migraine and tailor your Migraine Care plan to you.

Man and woman receiving migraine treatment plan at home.


Receive a Migraine Care plan personalized to you

A doctor on our platform will create your individualized Migraine Care plan including acute and preventative medication, supplements, anti-nausea medications accompanied with treatment guidance for you.

Safe and fast migraine medication and supplements delivery to door.

Get comprehensive preventative migraine treatment to your door

Once you confirm you're happy with your Migraine Care plan, we'll send the medication to your door.

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Follow your migraine treatment plan & log any changes

As you follow your migraine treatment plan, you'll log any changes in the Mable mobile app so you can receive continuous treatment plan improvements. Your membership includes renewals or optional changes to your prescription.

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Analyzing Your DNA and Migraine History Leads to More Effective Treatment

Clinically Tested with 700 Migraine patients in the United Kingdom:

of study participants were on ineffective treatment for them.
average reduction in pain
increased treatment effectiveness
additional days per year of normal life could be gained by chronic migraine sufferers

.... when treated in line with Mable's approach.

From Mable & Illumina clinical validation study in Cambridge, UK 2021

Affordable Migraine Care at Home

DNA based treatment for migraine on a computer.neurologist doctor with clipboard

Individualized Prescription +
DNA-Informed Treatment


  • Individualized prescription for your migraine medication and supplements

  • Eliminate time-consuming doctor appointments and get continuous treatment plan improvements

  • Shorten the path to treatment that genuinely works for you and avoid potential years of trial and error

  • Including rushed shipping to your door, return labels, DNA analysis, and customized treatment plan

Man loving their migraine relief.

Migraine Care Package


per month
  • A neurologist-led Migraine Care plan tailored to your unique migraine

  • Receive one medication based on your individualized migraine plan

Medicine and delivery refill

Each Added Medication


per med
  • Choose from a large selection of affordable preventative and acute medications

  • Including fast shipping to your home

Your World-Class Migraine Care is Part of Mable's DNA

We are a team with over 110 combined years in genetics, neuroscience, and medicine. Working with world-leading migraine experts and leveraging the latest advances in genetics and migraine research. These advances can help you get treatment with better outcomes and fewer side effects for you within weeks instead of years.

How does personalization of migraine treatment work?

We consider every vital factor about you, from your DNA and medical history to your current lifestyle. This helps the doctor choose the appropriate migraine treatment, providing you with enhanced migraine specialist care.

Looking at your DNA enables our doctors to determine the treatment that truly works for you much more accurately. Choosing a DNA-informed treatment plan helps stop migraine from happening, reduce pain, and ultimately relieve your migraine even faster.

Why is Mable's approach faster and cheaper than the traditional route to migraine treatment?

At Mable, we have streamlined migraine diagnosis and treatment with the help of world-leading experts in migraine care. We can offer you a quick and effective treatment to your door based on the latest evidence and clinical practice.

Physical appointments with a headache specialist have a waiting time of >6 months while we review your case and dispatch treatment, usually within 24-48 hours or as soon as your DNA-informed treatment plan results are complete.

How does DNA-informed treatment work?

Because every migraine is different, and how your body responds to migraine treatment is different. We developed the first comprehensive test to tailor treatment to your genes and your personal migraine type.

Here’s step-by-step how this works:
1. Complete this 2-minute quiz and see if the DNA-informed route would be an excellent fit for you.
2. Order a DNA Kit.
3. Provide a DNA sample saliva swab in 10 seconds.
4. Drop it in any mailbox or give it to your post person (we provide a paid addressed padded mailer envelope).
5. Once we receive your samples, we will map your biomarkers to see how you would respond to many migraine treatment plans.
6. Once different treatment options have been prioritized based on your unique migraine and DNA, your migraine care specialist creates an individualized plan for you.
7. With a few clicks, you’ll receive your individualized treatment directly to your door in a few days.
8. You'll stay in touch with Mable for continuous expert care through our app.

All of this in 6 weeks or fewer, faster than the typical 6-12 month wait time to see a migraine specialist.

Does Mable sell my DNA to third parties? (No we don’t)

No, Mable does not sell your data to third parties. Unlike most companies in our industry, your information is used to individualize your treatment and to further improve Mable’s ability to provide DNA-informed treatment plans.

Research on treatment individualization in migraine is very young. Mable’s internal scientific research efforts aim to continuously advance the care we provide to you and patients like you.

We take your privacy seriously: for research purposes, your data is treated anonymously, and we may collaborate with accredited external parties, such as universities, hospitals, health systems, government institutions, or private companies.

Collaboration only occurs for research purposes in a secure environment, and no data is ever sold to third-party providers. Furthermore, we don’t share your genetic data with insurance providers.

You can opt-out of such research by updating your Account in the App or contacting us at

Can I get personalized Migraine Care without the DNA-informed treatment plan?

Yes. Based on the information you provide in our online assessment, you can receive a robust personalized migraine treatment plan that includes preventative, acute, anti-nausea, CGRP medications, and supplements.

The most significant difference between the DNA-informed care vs. non-DNA-informed care is that with the DNA route, we'll test your DNA against dozens of treatments and potentially be able to help you speed up your preventative migraine care while reducing side effects.

While we recommend you see if you qualify for the DNA-informed treatment plan, we understand that your health is your choice, and we're here to support you all the way.

Which conditions and medications are supported?

We tailor our services towards people experiencing headaches, specifically migraine.

Currently, we provide the following types of medications & supplements (we have many brands for each types):

1. Acute medication triptans and ergotamines.
2. NSAIDs & others.
3. Preventative medication.
4. CGRP (Calcitonin gene-related peptide).
5. Anti-nausea.
6. Supplements: Magnesium, Coenzyme Q10.

Can I use insurance to pay for Mable?

The DNA-informed treatment plan is currently not covered by insurance.

However, suppose your insurance provider covers medications for migraine. In that case, we can process these claims, and you will only have to pay the insurance co-pay for the medicines starting mid-2022.

We'll let you know via messaging when we begin accepting insurance.

Let us know if you have questions—we know that was a lot of information.

If you’d like to get started with Mable, click here.

How much will it cost every month?

For the DNA-informed route, the whole process to get your individualized migraine treatment plan is one payment of $329. 

It depends on what medication your treatment plan consists of, but most Mable members pay around $20-$40 every month.

How do refills work?

Depending on which option you choose, you will get your prescription medication monthly, quarterly, or every six months.

Shipments will be sent directly to your doorstep and will include a one-month supply, a three-month supply, or a six-month supply, depending on which plan you choose.

Depending on your migraine treatment plan progress, you'll receive updates to your plan that you may need to confirm before a refill or a new prescription is shipped to you.

Your migraine care is continually improving, and when enhanced treatments are made available and eligible, you'll receive more information.

Packaging is always discreet.

What states does Mable currently serve?

Mable currently serves members who live in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

We will launch the next batch of additional states soon. Get signed up and be notified as soon as we're available in your state.

Should I cancel my prescriptions when I sign up for Mable?

We recommend you wait a few weeks after you sign up. While you are enrolled, you will not need to pick up the prescriptions you’ll get through Mable at your pharmacy.

If you have questions, please reach out to our support team at +1 (855) 953 4316 or email us at

What Mable Members are Saying


Serious migraine care!

Finally someone taking migraine seriously. I have been trying to find a painkiller that actually works for years.

Ashley from Connecticut

Peace of mind

I have been suffering from migraine for over 25 years and I know my triggers but they became impossible to manage. Knowing how to treat my migraine would give me peace of mind.

Brandon from California

Finding meds that work

I have chronic migraine and was given beta blockers by my doctor but had to stop taking them after a while because I was getting dizzy. Being able to know ahead of time which drugs I'll react badly to would be amazing!

Lauren from Arizona

Saves time and money!

Being able to get a custom migraine treatment plan and medication directly to my home is a life saver. No more waiting for an appointment 6 months out at the doctor and visiting a pharmacy.

Sarah from Texas
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